Business Experience

Our members gain invaluable experience researching, analyzing, and forming recommendations for our clients. Due to our club structure allowing for specializations within consulting (Corporate, Marketing, Startup, Finance & Pro Bono), our members are able to define their own individual experience semester after semester, allowing them to discover precisely what they are most passionate about pursuing in their personal future.
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Professional Development

BBS is highly invested in the professional success of each of its members. In addition to our semester-long client projects, BBS holds internal training sessions that focus on career development through mentorship panels, mock interviews, resume critiques, and hands-on workshops. Our members are constantly learning from each other, as we come from a broad range of academic disciplines and professional experiences.

Tight-Knit Community

Promoting a culture of close camaraderie is one of BBS’s core values. Despite our members’ diverse backgrounds and walks of life, BBS functions as a tight-knit group in which our members grow and develop close to one another.

Besides engaging in semesterly retreats and weekly socials, BBS members can be found enjoying each other’s company on a daily basis. Whether it's grabbing late night at Crossroads, going to concerts in the Bay, or traveling through Central America, our community is one that defines our members’ four years at UC Berkeley.

Fall 2018 Recruitment Timeline

Tabling & Flyering

Info Session & Meet the Club

Info Session & Case Workshop

Application Deadline

Group Interviews

Individual Interviews

Executive Coffee Chats

Welcome Night
August 22 – August 31

Tuesday, August 28

Thursday, August 30

Friday, August 31

Sunday, September 2

September 3 - September 6

September 4 - September 6


Sproul Plaza

Anna Head Alumnae Hall

Maude Fife (Wheeler 315)














Consultant Application

Applications for Fall 2018 willl be due on Friday, August 31st at 5pm.

Feel free to contact our Recruitment Chair, Ayushi Gupta, at with any inquiries.