Berkeley Business Society (BBS) is a nonprofit strategy consulting firm that provides actionable solutions for industry leading clients in 5 distinct business concentrations.

BBS is a cohesive network of UC Berkeley's best – ambitious, inventive undergraduates passionate about making an impact. Since 2005, BBS has served dozens of clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies like Google and Coca Cola, to startups and nonprofits like Caviar and Khan Academy.



Our recruitment process, professional development program, and plethora of time spent together has forged us into a close-knit community of future leaders.

Drawing on our eclectic mix of members from a diverse range of majors and interests, we pride ourselves on our holistic and methodical approach to tackling real-world problems. Our members are drawn together through the common goals of professional excellence and increasing their business aptitude. Throughout their tenure, BBS members focus on both personal and professional development


Our alumni leverage their experiences and connections from BBS to land positions at top companies in a variety of fields including management consulting, investment banking, accounting, wealth management, product management, engineering, and more. Many of our alumni have also gone on to pursue entrepreneurial ventures or attend top graduate schools.

They play an active role in providing BBS members with personal career mentorship, leading training sessions, and supporting client project work as advisors.


Our consulting divisions encompass 5 business concentrations, each with individualized teams comprised of 5 to 7 consultants who work together to provide innovative solutions for an organization's most challenging problems. Leading each of these divisions are two project managers who oversee the progression of consulting projects and manage client-side communication.

Each team also benefits from an individual case advisor who contributes guidance by bringing real-world experience into the development of projects.
Corporate: Work with a large-scale, industry-leading corporation to solve real-world business problems while honing your research and analytical skills.
Finance: Conduct a quantitative research project for a local venture capital or private equity firm.
Marketing: Design innovative solutions for a company to advance its branding and customer relations by developing campaigns and strategies that combine performance with creativity.
Pro Bono: Deliver actionable recommendations for a nonprofit organization to solve its business problems through the employment of strategic analysis to create sustainable social impact.
Startup: Create high-impact solutions while gaining a deep understanding of the unique problems faced by a growth-phase startup through hands-on experience alongside entrepreneurs.


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