Berkeley's Brightest

BBS is comprised of consultants selected from among the top students at UC Berkeley through a rigorous recruitment process. Each consultant participates in regular training sessions led by Haas faculty, MBA students, and industry professionals to ensure that only the highest quality of work is delivered to our clients.

BBS consultants are adept at breaking down and critically analyzing the most challenging business problems. They are committed to driving positive change and are always eager to take on new challenges. As a result, BBS alumni have consistently gone on to work at top-tier firms such as McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, Goldman Sachs, and Apple.

Innovative Solutions

BBS offers consulting services to clients across a spectrum of industries, including global corporations, nonprofits, startups, government agencies, and more. Each project has a uniquely tailored scope and timeline in order to maximize value for both clients and consultants.

BBS strives to deliver professional, high-quality results on par with professional consulting firms. Through access to vast pools of databases, industry-specific knowledge, and a tailored group of professional and motivated students, BBS has the ability to engage with any organization's toughest problems.
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Project Structure

Projects timelines typically span 12 to 14 weeks, with each consultant committing around 10-14 project-dedicated hours per week. We usually work in week-long cycles, engaging with our client on a regular basis to ensure that our work is as customized and relevant as possible.

On top of ongoing involvement with our research and findings, we will present at least one formal deliverable to discuss our solutions to a greater depth, with additional midpoint deliverables available at our client's request. All deliverables typically come with a research report and mockups to aid project clarity.


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"Berkeley Business Society provided our team with excellent industry research and analysis with fast turnaround. The students were thoughtful, eager, and engaged throughout the project, acting professionally at all times. The work quality was high and helped advance our internal timeline. I would recommend them to other businesses looking for assistance from a strong undergraduate team."

"I was most surprised about how little involvement I had to have on my end. The level of research and forethought that went into all the questions that the BBS team worked to answer was super impressive."

"Berkeley Business Society did an outstanding job in researching, analyzing, and outlining a series of strategic recommendations that were worth their weight in gold."

"Working with Berkeley Business Society has been exceptional. With all aspects of this project they’ve shown true professionalism. The team was really great at making sure their work was relevant to Grammarly’s business needs."

"Berkeley Business Society spearheaded a consulting project that provided useful, results-oriented approaches for a major Wikimedia Foundation campaign. In that project, the team successfully developed a framework based on organizational objectives and identified creative, pragmatic approaches, many of which we look forward to implementing."

Past Client Engagements


Interested in working with us?

Please contact our VPs of Consulting for more details on working with Berkeley Business Society:

Abhinav Ashar  Vice President of Consulting

Abhinav Ashar
Vice President of Consulting

Jioo Lee  Vice President of Consulting

Jioo Lee
Vice President of Consulting